Located in the heart of Burlington, Vermont (on Main St as you head towards the waterfront), The Vermont Juice Company produces fresh, cold-pressed juices and nutmilks. The most common question we are asked is "what makes our juice different"? Our juice is not just your average juice. Our juice is a step above the rest, and here's why:


We are the only juice shop in Burlington that uses the cold press method. We press our fresh juice every single day on a hydraulic juice press. Unlike most juicers, our press allows juice to retain the most possible nutrients due to the elimination of heat and oxygen exposure. Click here to learn why cold-pressed juice is so beneficial!

We strive to source as many local ingredients as possible. We like to know where our products are coming from, and we REALLY like supporting local farms & suppliers. Click here to see which local farms and suppliers we use!

Our juices are made using only raw produce, and it stays raw the whole way through. We intentionally do not use any pasteurization or HPP. Those processes destroy crucial nutrients and enzymes. Our raw fresh pressed juice keeps those nutrients intact.

Our juice contains NO preservatives or additives, and that even includes water! This allows us to press up to 2 pounds of produce into each bottle, fresh, every single day!

Using only organic produce as much as possible is a top priority for us. The benefits of organic are undeniable. No chemicals + higher quality produce = the BEST juice.