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Q: What's the difference between cold-pressed & conventional juice?

A: The largest difference is that a conventional juicer spins quickly which creates heat and oxygen exposure, which degrades nutrients in the juice, as well as shortens the shelf life. Juice from a conventional juicer should be consumed right away.


A cold-press moves MUCH slower as two paddles apply tons of of pressure, which prevents excess heat and oxygen exposure. This process results in optimum quality juice because nutrients and enzymes are kept in tact. Because the living nutrients aren't compromised like they would be on a conventional juicer, our cold-press process allows the juice to stay fresh and retain nutrient integrity for 3-5 days!


Q: What makes VT Juice Co.'s product different from juice in the grocery store?

A: Most juice you will find in the grocery store is pasteurized or High Pressure Processed (see below for more info about this type of process, referred to as HPP), usually by heating the juice to high temperatures or applying lots of high pressure. These processes destroy the nutrients in the juice to varying degrees while extending the products' shelf-life up to 45+ days.


With no additional pasteurization, high pressure processing, preservation, or additives, our juice process is truly transparent. It comes straight from the produce to the press to the bottle, with just a 3-5 day shelf-life. It is pressed fresh daily, right here in our shop which means that the integrity and potency of the nutrients remain intact.


In addition, when you drink our juice, you know exactly where the ingredients came from, because we strive to source them locally and organically!

Q: What is HPP, and why doesn't The Vermont Juice Company believe in using it?

A: HPP (short for High Pressure Pasteurization/Processig) is a preservation process that many juice companies use to add shelf life to their juice, and preserve it for longer periods of time. Juice that has been processed using HPP has been sterilized to a degree, and may have had it's nutrient value impacted. Therefore, we choose to make FRESH cold-pressed juice everyday and avoid HPP. For more info on HPP, click here.

Q: What is our process for creating the juice?

A: Our juice is made using a hydraulic cold-press. This cold-press extraction is the optimal method of juicing because it leaves nutrients intact. Most other juicing methods involve varying amounts of heat, which deteriorate nutrient quality. Our hydraulic cold-press exerts thousands of pounds of pressure on the produce VERY slowly, without any heat, allowing the integrity of the raw vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to be maintained. This yields juice with the highest density, and quality of nutrients and enzymes possible. 

Q: What is the shelf life of our juice?

A: Because we do not pasteurize, preserve or freeze our juices, it is recommended that they are consumed within 3-5 days of being pressed. 

Q: Why drink juice from VT Juice Co.?

A: We prioritize local & organic produce. Drinking fresh and pure fruit and vegetable juice allows your body to very readily absorb all of the nutrients from it, reaping the benefits of several servings (usually several pounds!) of fresh produce in just 1 single bottle of juice! Your body works hard to digest your food all day - why not give it the most important nutrients in one of the purest forms, but without the extra work load of digesting the extra fiber. That is what drinking our juice can do!


Q: Do we use organic produce and ingredients?

Yes. We actually source all of our ingredients (produce, etc.) organically and locally as much as we possibly can. We constantly strive to show preference to local growers, farms, and suppliers. If organic or local produce varieties are unavailable or out of season, we substitute with other high-quality options. 


Q: What is a juice cleanse?

A: It means that you abstain from food, and you drink pure fruit and vegetable juice for a period of time that can range from 1 day to 1 week or more. Doing a juice cleanse allows your body and digestive tract to take a break and focus solely on absorbing the purest nutrients that it gets from the juices in the cleanse. This gives your body a chance to put its energy toward performing its natural detoxification processes more efficiently, allowing it to rest, repair, and replenish. 

Q: Who should try a juice cleanse?

A: If you are an adult who is interested in giving your body a boost, restoring some energy, improving your eating habits, and kicking off a healthier lifestyle, we highly recommend juice cleansing. Please keep in mind that our cleanse programs are not appropriate for those of you who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from certain medical conditions. Consult your health care provider before starting a cleanse program if you have a medical condition or take medications.


Q: Why 

A: Our prices are a reflection of the time, high-quality ingredients, and investment we have placed in our product. Each 16.9 oz bottle of our juice contains approximately 1.5 to 2 pounds of local and/or organic produce and is pressed by our staff daily. Our high criteria for product selection and high quality production standards, as well as costs of operating a business require a higher price point; however, we STRIVE to ensure we offer the most fair price possible.


If you are interested in trying our product but are not sure if it fits into your budget please do not hesitate to contact us 

Q: Why is our juice bottled? Why don't we make juice on a walk-in basis?

A:  We bottle our juice to retain nutrient value; keeping the juice bottled and sealed also keeps the juice fresher longer.


 Our process, although slower than other juicing methods, truly creates the BEST possible juice you can get. We are willing to sacrifice time for quality. This answers the question about why we don't make your juice on a walk-in basis. Pressing your juice on the spot would take far longer than it would take a "regular" juicer that you may see in many juice bars or households. We want your process to be efficient , enjoyable, and simple! Another reason for our bottled juices is that they are intended to give you the option to be used in cleanse packages (See our cleansing tab above for more info). During a cleanse where you're drinking JUST juice, on-the-go, for several days, is SO much easier when it's bottled! So there you have it -- please enjoy our conveniently and freshly bottled juices :)


Q: Do you have some sort of legal disclaimer?

A: Yep, here you go -- The juice at The Vermont Juice Company is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any illnesses or medical issues.  Our juices are raw and have not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and any person with weakened immune systems. Our juices are produced on equipment that also processes nuts. Please talk to your doctor if you have any questions!    


Please contact us for more information or place a juice or cleanse order!

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