Hannah [Owner/Founder]

Hannah is the owner and creator of The Vermont Juice Company! She was born and raised in Vermont. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Animal Science and Biology, and went on to work with dolphins, sea lions, seals, polar bears, penguins, and many other beautiful animals. Hannah has always had a huge passion for health and wellness, especially juicing. While living in Minneapolis a few years ago, Hannah and her husband, Matt, were introduced to the concept of "Cold-Pressed Juice". They learned of its amazing health benefits, superior nutrient quality, deliciously clean flavor, and smooth texture.  They were so inspired by the advantages of cold-pressed juice, that they decided to dedicate themselves to moving back to VT, where they were eager to open Burlington's first ever cold-pressed juice shop -- The Vermont Juice Company! Hannah believes whole-heartedly in fueling and healing your body with organic, healthy, whole, local, sustainable food, and wanted to make the absolute highest quality juice available to the Burlington area! She couldn't think of a more perfect place than Burlington, a community full of local farms, thriving small businesses, environmentally-conscious, and health-conscious people! She lives in Burlington with her husband, Matt, and her crazy dog, Boston! She absolutely adores her fun, positive, hard-working staff, and especially the opportunities each day to educate and interact with customers. One of the best aspects of her job is creating and experimenting with new juice and smoothie recipes! Each flavor of juice has a special place in her heart, and her favorite changes depending on the day. Among her top three right now are "Greens to the Extreme", "Root Reboot", and "Brain Boost".

Sam [Juicing & Customer Care]

Sam is one of our incredible juicing and customer care team members. She has been with us since spring 2016. She is from Westchester County, NY, and moved to Burlington to attend UVM. She is studying to major in Nutrition with a minor in writing. When she's not in school or at VT Juice Co., Sam enjoys long distance running, yoga, and nutrition. In fact, she has run a half marathon and is currently training to become a certified yoga teacher! Sam loves working at VT Juice Co because she feels very connected to the product. she appreciates that VT Juice Co offers something unique and valuable to the community, and it is obvious that the company cares and appreciates its customers. Sam loves watching customers faces light up when they take a sip of our juice. It tastes good, and its good for you too! Her favorite juice is the Green Mountain Medley. Its her go-to juice because it incorporates greens, like spinach and kale, so it is nutrient dense- but it also has apple for a hint of sweetness and celery for a kick in every sip!

Amber [Customer Care]

Amber is one of our amazing retail employees here at VT Juice Co!. She is originally from Southern New Hampshire, but attends The University of Vermont to become a veterinarian. She is passionate about animals, being active, sustainability, and nutrition. In her free time, she likes to exercise (hiking, yoga, biking, running), traveling, and taking beautiful pictures of delicious and nutritious food! She really enjoys working for the Vermont Juice Company because of the great staff who share a lot in common in regards to the way they care for their bodies and their overall health, as well as it being such a positive & fun work environment. Her favorite juice at VT Juice Co. is "Pearadise" because it's the perfect blend of greens and fruit, and makes her envision sipping it on a tropical island :)

Madison [Juicing & Customer Care]

First Name or Nickname: Madison, or Maddie!


Where are you from: I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. 

What are your passions: I absolutely love to cook, and i’m super interested in health and wellness as well. Traveling is also something i really enjoy.​


Schooling & General interests: I am currently a senior at the University of Vermont, and I'm a public communications major. 

1-2 Fun Facts: This summer I lucky enough to see my favorite artist, Frank Ocean live. It was so so COOL! 

Why do you enjoy working at VT Juice Co: I think that VT Juice Co. embodies a lot of the things i care about, it makes being healthy fun and creative. its a great place to learn about health, and cooking. Two things i love!


Favorite juice: This is so hard! but i would have to say i love Brain Boost. It’s the perfect combination of fruity and rooty (lol because of the beets). I also love the color, and it tastes amazing!

Emily [Juicing & Customer Care]

First Name or Nickname: Emily

Where are you from: Auburn, Maine

What are your passions: Travelling, yoga, food

Schooling & General interests: I'm a junior at UVM, majoring in nutrition and dietetics.

1-2 Fun Facts: I recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training and I plan to begin teaching locally in the next year or so.

Why do you enjoy working at VT Juice Co:

I've always been super passionate about fresh, high quality food, and I love that VT Juice promotes that kind of lifestyle.

Favorite juice: Definitely the Lake Monster! It's the perfect mix of greens and fruit. I'm also completely obsessed with our matcha milk! 

Olivia [Customer Care]

Hannah [Customer Care]

First Name or Nickname: Hannah or Han

Where are you from: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

What are your passions: dancing, exercising, nutrition, dogs, traveling, taking pictures.

Schooling & General interests: Freshman dietetics major @ UVM.

1-2 Fun Facts: I have a tattoo of ocean waves because my parents are from Rhode Island and I want to get mountains as my next tattoo since I now live in VT!

Why do you enjoy working at VT Juice Co: Working at Vermont Juice Company doesn’t feel like a job to me because everything that is going on here relates somehow to what I want to be doing when I’m older. Becoming a Registered Dietitian allows me to recommend certain foods to people, analyze their diet and see which nutrients they are getting too much of/not enough of, regulate food products, etc. I am slowly learning how to do all of this through working here and through my classes at UVM. I also think that there isn’t anything in the world more pure than raw fruits and vegetables and I believe that your body and mind is actually improving and growing every time you consume them. I love being able to work at a place where other people get to experience the foods that I create and enjoy.

Favorite juice: Beach This Way