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My Juice Cleanse Journey

Ayla, one of VT Juice Co.'s lead staff members, who is also an experienced certified health coach and caterer, has recently embarked on her own juice cleanse journey. She has decided to document her experience and share it with all of you! The goal here is to give you a very realistic glimpse into what to expect, keeping in mind that every person's experience, body, and needs will be different, so it is important to tailor your cleanse to suit your own individual goals and nutritional requirements. We encourage you to join in and follow along Ayla's very honest, detailed journey, and check back frequently for updates! As a reminder, we have additional, bountiful information about cleansing included in the cleansing tab on our website, so please take advantage of that information as well. We're very excited to share this experience with you and look forward to hearing your questions and comments! Also, we urge you to check out Ayla's Health Coaching business website to learn more about how she can help you achieve your wellness goals []!

DAY 1:

Hi everyone! My name is Ayla and I’ve been at VT Juice Company for about 2 months now! I am a certified Health Coach and have done several cleanses in the past, but I’ve always kind of made them up as I went, never really following any particular plan, and therefore, haven’t been very successful. Can anyone else relate?

Not eating for even a few days is hard! It’s not just the hunger it also has so much to do with the mind! Our everyday lives literally revolve around food! When we wake up, one of the first things we do is eat, then at work we have a lunch break, and then on our way home from work we’re thinking about what we’re going to make for dinner, or pick something up. And that doesn’t even include snacks, or the amazing smell of a pizza parlor as we walk down the street making us just think about food, and setting off those cravings, even if we aren’t even hungry; it’s human!

So, what happens if we take food out of the equation? Well, in the past, I’ve actually gone almost 30 days just on liquids, but I was absolutely miserable and I’m pretty sure by the end, my body was completely stripped of nutrients and was barely functioning, so I’m quite sure I did more harm than good. I was determined to figure out how to take a more educated, realistic approach the next time around.

In my training as a Health Coach, I heard so many health professionals talk about how fasting and how giving our digestive system a little break can be so beneficial. This break allows our body to focus on other things as so much of our energy goes into simply breaking down the food we eat. I totally agree with this but I also think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it!

Over the past couple of months working at The Vermont Juice Company, I’ve prepared many juice cleanses for people and talked to so many that have done a 1,3 and even 7 day cleanse using the shop’s fresh cold-pressed juices, and have all had great success. So I’ve kept thinking "could I do it and be successful?" So, here I am, giving it another try, and I will document my journey here each day, sharing how I feel, tips, struggles, any changes I notice just drinking juice, all of it, authentically honest!

I’m on Day 1 today, and my goal is just to go as long as I still feel good; and so far I’m feeling great! Got a little hungry this evening, but I got through it by having a nutmilk which totally did the trick. I’m guessing tomorrow is going to be a bit tougher as I ease into things, but we’ll just have to see! I've heard that the first couple days do tend to be the toughest as our bodies transition, mentally and physically, into adapting to consuming solely liquid. Feel free to ask anything in the comments or stop by the shop if you’re interested in doing a cleanse yourself! So far these juices are so filling and just full of energy and nutrients, that I have a feeling this will be my first successful cleanse :)

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