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Q: What is HPP?

A: HPP (short for High Pressure Pasteurization) is a process that many juice companies use to add shelf life to their juice, and preserve it for longer periods of time (usually up to 30-45 days). 


Q: How does it work?

A: High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a method of processing where the juice is subjected to elevated pressures (up to 87,000 pounds per square inch), to achieve microbial inactivation or to alter the food attributes in order to achieve consumer-desired qualities. Pressure inactivates most vegetative bacteria at pressures above 60,000 pounds per square inch. During the process of HPP, juice is often in transport prior to being processed, and is sometimes frozen as well to preserve it.


Q: Why doesn't The Vermont Juice Company use HPP?

A: We believe in producing a FRESH juice that has not been altered, frozen, or compromised in any way. Juice that has been processed using HPP has been sterilized, and therefor may have had it's nutrient value impacted. The bacteria that is killed off by HPP is both good and bad bacteria, that is naturally in every leafy green, fruit, and vegetable. In addition, juice that has been treated with HPP is technically not fresh, it's preserved. Our juice is cold-pressed fresh every day, and has the absolute maximum nutrient and vitamin value you can get from a juice.

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