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Our Process

At The Vermont Juice Co. we produce our juices on-site daily, using an industrial hydraulic press to maintain the integrity of the whole, local, and organic ingredients that we source. 


We take pride in cold-pressing our product as this process ensures the nutrients and living enzymes in our juice stay intact for several days after its initial press- giving our juices a longer shelf life than traditional juicing methods without the use of pasteurization or other nutrient depleting processes. 


We believe in producing fresh juice that has not been altered, frozen or compromised in any way. We do NOT use HPP to extend the shelf life of our juices. HPP or High Pressure Pasteurization, is a sterilization process designed to eliminate bacteria in raw beverages. While this process has its merits, we choose not to utilize HPP on our products as it can also significantly deplete GOOD bacteria and nutrients. It is important to us that our juice is as nutrient dense and fresh as possible. 


Our process means our juices are produced by our team at 77 Main St. daily! Because we do not outsource our production we do need advance notice for some orders. If you are wondering if we have what you are looking for give our shop a call and we will be happy to help you! 

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