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About Us


The Vermont Juice Company opened in downtown Burlington in 2014 as the city's very first cold-pressed juice shop. The shop opened with a decisive mission to provide nutrient dense, non-pasteurized juices made from locally sourced ingredients. We stand by this mission, though under new ownership established in 2022, the vision for our company has expanded! 

Owner, Jehan Dolbashian, began working at VT Juice Co. on opening day in 2014. She managed the shop for several years after graduating from UVM where she studied environmental and social justice. In 2022 Jehan was presented with the opportunity to revisit her journey with the Juice Co.- this time, as owner & operator! 


The VT Juice Co. continues to provide fresh and innovative products with collaboration and community at the forefront of its' mission. Jehan marries her passion for our product with her dedication to creating supportive spaces to explore what it means to be healthy. As an advocate for body positivity, Jehan strives to promote inclusivity in a new era of wellness community.

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