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If you have further questions about our juicing plans please feel free to contact us!

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Is a Juicing Plan the same thing as a cleanse?

In short, yes! However, The Vermont Juice Company challenges the term 'cleanse' in describing this process as it can perpetuate harmful ideologies associated with diet culture. We use the term Juicing Plan because we believe that plans change. We encourage you to be especially mindful while juicing, listening to the cues of your physical, emotional, and mental being. We hope to inspire a more holistic approach to juicing by reframing the language we use around the ritual.


What is a Juicing Plan?

 Most of our juicing plans contain six (6) 16oz raw fruit & vegetable juices to be consumed per day. Juicing plans allow your body to rest, release toxins, & restore nutrients.


Should juices be consumed in a specific order?

Yes, the order in which you drink your juices affects how you absorb and use the nutrients. Suggested consumption order for each plan can be found on our website or you may ask our staff! 


Are there any side effects?

Every body is different!

A variety of symptoms can occur such as headaches, fatigue, or mood swings. We highly recommend consulting a health care provider before beginning a juice plan.


Can I eat?

Juicing plans are designed with the intention of limiting consumption of food and beverages other than juice and water. However... plans change! Listen to your body throughout the process. If your body says you need food we recommend sticking to raw fruits, veggies, & nuts. 


Should I exercise?

Yes, light exercising is encouraged as a way to maximize the detoxification process. Yoga, walks, light jogs, or stretching are all great ways to engage in exercise without straining your body while juicing. If you choose to participate in more vigorous activities we suggest consuming additional calories (juice or raw fruits & veggies).

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Can I juice for just 1 day?

 Yes! One day of juicing can be very impactful, which is why we offer a one-day plan.  Adding fresh, raw vegetables and fruits to your diet is always beneficial.

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