Q. What exactly is a juice cleanse?

A. A juice cleanse is a period typically from 1-5 days (many people choose to go longer), where you commit to solely consuming raw fruit and vegetable juices, to allow your body to rest, release toxins, and restore nutrients. Our cleanse contains six (6) 16oz juices per day.


Each individual person should determine the quantity of juice and duration of the cleanse that fits their body and lifestyle. A "cleanse" can range from simply replacing one meal a day with a juice, to consuming solely juice for one or more days (typically 1-5 days). You must decide what is most beneficial for you. Sometimes just a juice a day is a good way to ween yourself into a full juice cleanse.


A juice cleanse gives your body a hiatus from the task of digesting food and fiber, which allows it to focus and prioritize its energy on absorbing the nutrients necessary for achieving and maintaining optimal health, while simultaneously purging toxins that have accumulated over time. By substituting your fiber intake with pure fruit and vegetable juice, your body is able to more readily assimilate all of the available nutrients and enzymes. This means that enzymes that are usually being used up by the process of digestion are now free to engage in other metabolic processes, giving your energy and immune system a boost. Imagine it as if you're giving your body a chance at a clean slate.

Q. Should I consume the juices in a certain order?

A. Yes. The order in which you drink your juices affects how you absorb and use the nutrients. For instance, we put our Green Juice, "Green Mountain Medley" as the first juice in the cleanse because it contains a good amount of lemon, and is the first thing you put into your body. The suggested consumption order for each cleanse can be found at the top of our Cleansing Instructions page.


Q. Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?

A. Many people do feel hunger pangs, especially during the first couple of days as your body adjusts to consuming only liquids. This should improve as your body acclimates. Everyone's body has different needs, so do what is right for you. If you need to chew/eat something, just make sure it is a raw fruit or vegetable, such as an apple.


Q. How do I prepare for a cleanse?

A. Click here to read about cleansing instructions! In short, we recommend that you eliminate alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, gluten, salty snacks, and refined sugar at least a couple days before the cleanse, and instead consume lots of fresh produce. This will allow for maximum results and an easy transition onto and off of your cleanse.


Q. Will I experience any cleansing side effects?

A. Some people have been known to experience a variety of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or mood swings,  especially within the first 3 days. Just make sure you continue to drink lots of water and get a good night's rest.


Q. Can I cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?

A. It is not recommended that pregnant or nursing women do a cleanse, however supplementing your intake with our individual juices should be okay. Please consult your doctor first.


Q. Can I exercise while cleansing?

A. Yes, light exercising is encouraged as a way to maximize the detoxification process. Just keep in mind that heavy exercise may require you to consume extra juice to account for the calories lost while exercising.


Q. Is it useful to do a cleanse for just one day?

A. Yes! One day can be very helpful, which is why we offer a one-day cleanse.  Adding fresh, raw vegetables and fruits to your diet is always beneficial, even if it is only in the form of a 24 hour cleanse. Conquering a 1-day cleanse makes you feel good and builds your may even encourage you to try a slightly longer cleanse the next time! Click here to see our cleanse options!


Q. Is there anything else I can drink during a cleanse? Seltzer? Tea?

A. While we recommend exclusively consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juices along with lots of water, we know that it isn't always 100% realistic. So, if you need a little something, the best option would be a decaf herbal tea, and plain seltzer with no additives. 


Q. What do I eat when I finish my cleanse?

A. Click here for in-depth cleanse instructions! To help wean your body back onto solid food and reap the maximum benefits of all the amazing work you just did in your cleanse, your first meals should be light. This would include meals like smoothies, soups, or salads. Continue to consume whole, healthy foods. Incorporate proteins and fats one at a time and gradually. You don't want to startle your digestive tract, you want to ease it back into full function.