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Environment is everything

Here at The Vermont Juice Company we are proud to be stewards of the environment. We take conscious steps to ensure a low carbon footprint and to reduce or reuse the waste that we do create. It is important to us that we protect the planet that sustains our livelihoods. Our business relies heavily on the health of the environment, so we plan to fight for its well-being. Here are some minor steps we take to contribute to our overall sustainable business model...

  • We use compostable cups, bowls, plasticware, napkins, and straws.

  • We use produce that is locally sourced and organic.

  • We use as many local vendors as possible.

  • We use a fuel efficient car for our deliveries.

  • Customers may return their empty juice bottles so that we may recycle them or reuse them to create ‘ice-packs’ for deliveries.

  • We offer a glass bottle option so that customers may bring empty juice containers back to be washed and reused.

  • We only produce what we project to sell. To cut down on food waste we minimize the amount of product we make each day to ensure that all of our tasty juices are consumed!

  • The leftover pulp from our juicing process is given to a local farm to be used as feed for their animals. Any additional pulp is composted at CSWD.

  • We distribute samples using 1 oz glasses that we later clean, sanitize, and reuse.

  • We offer reusable tote bags and coolers.

  • We reuse and recycle products as much and as often as possible.

  • On average we produce about 2 standard trash bags of waste every 3 days.

  • We make our own cleaning products using environmentally friendly ingredients like raw vinegar and lemon juice.

  • We offer e-mailed receipts and invoices to avoid wasting paper. (In addition, printed receipts are often coated in the chemical BPA which can be extremely harmful to human health and the environment)

  • We participate in community events and partnerships that share our ideals on a low-waste, eco-friendly business model.

  • We reused/repurposed old discarded wood to build all of our own counters and displays in our sto

  • We strive everyday to find ways to improve our practices!

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